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Yes, but we recommend you add 2 spoons of Yoghurt. It's tastes really good compared to just water!

The smoothies contain natural fruit and vegetables which contain natural sugars. So it is not technically sugar-free. Although, we do guarantee we have not used any “added sugar”. The smoothies are sweetened using Stevia, which is extracted from plant leaves and has 0 calories.

We wanted to keep the flavors as authentic as possible, and have sweetened the smoothie using Stevia, which is a 0 calorie sweetener. However, if you think it’s not as sweet, please feel free to add honey, Jaggery, or date syrup as per taste.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – all fruit and vegetables contain naturally occurring Sugars. We also make use of maltodextrin which is permitted by FSSAI and critical for the spray drying process. So we recommend you consult with your doctor before consuming

We do not use any Anti-caking agents, hence sometime you may find lumps when not mixed well. To avoid this problem, do the following 1. Massage the sachet well to break any lumps before opening 2. Always, always, and always add the powder to your liquid. First liquid, then powder. 3. Make your first shake is such that it coats all the powder with liquid

Yes, it is gluten-free and Vegan friendly

No, we do not add any preservatives. We preserve it by extracting moisture to inhibit micro-organic growth and packaging it in de-humidified conditions at low temperatures.

We do not use any flavors – natural or nature identical or chemical. Period. We know a lot of brands claim their products to be 100% natural while they use “natural flavors”. Hence, there is a likelihood of a slight difference in the taste of our products from different batches.

Yes, they can.

Yes, we know we sound like hypocrites. Innovation is a constant process and our team is working to find better solutions. Also while solutions exist, they also need to be financially viable. All we can say is – we are working on better solutions. Also if you have an idea, we’d be keen to hear from you. Write to us at admin@frugease.com

Xanthan gum is natural and is made by fermenting a carbohydrate. It is not harmful at all. Don’t let the code numbers on the back of the sachet make you paranoid.

We are currently going direct to the consumer via digital channels. If all goes well, we do hope to meet you at your local supermarket.

Unfortunately, not yet. But this is in the works. Leave us your e-mail address and we will reach out to you once we start with subscriptions.

We use maltodextrin extracted from corn, so it is a processed carbohydrate. It is safe to consume; even “Cerelac”, the famous baby food brand makes use of maltodextrin in their product.

Frugease is enjoyed best immediately after preparation. However, if you absolutely have to make it in advance, we recommend you consume it within an hour or refrigerate it for consumption within 3 hours.

A serving of Frugease smoothies when consumed with milk/vegan milk gives you anywhere between 170 – 220 calories. Additionally, if you wish to add more fruit, nuts, protein powder, or other superfoods based on your nutrition requirements, you can feel free to do so.

There is no need to refrigerate the sachets. However, we recommend you keep it in a cool and dry place.

Wash it like any other bottle at your home. Also the bottle is dishwasher safe. In case you aren’t able to wash it immediately after use, just rinse it with water and put it aside.

E-commerce Store

Unfortunately, not yet. But this is in the works. Leave us your e-mail address and we will reach out to you once we start with subscriptions.

Shipping details cannot be changed once the order has been confirmed.

We are offering free shipping temporarily as a launch offer. Check out our shipping policy here https://frugease.com/pages/our-policies

Unfortunately, we don't accept returns of products or do product exchanges. If your order was damaged in transit or you received the wrong order, we urge you to click a picture immediately and reach out to us at care@frugease.com. For more information read here https://frugease.com/pages/our-policies

Yes, the prices are inclusive of 18% GST. No other hidden charges. What you see is what you pay!

We ship with the help of Shiprocket. This means that your delivery could be fulfilled by any one of Shiprocket’s partners. You will be sent tracking information via email and will be able to track it from the tracking page. We are a young company and there are logistical challenges due to the ongoing pandemic which means your orders “may” get delayed. Request you to bear with us. For more info, please read our policies here https://frugease.com/pages/our-policies

Collaboration with Frugease

We are working behind the scenes to set up a formal program. If you are keen to be a part of it, please write to us at admin@frugease.com and we will get in touch.